Riga Building College

Riga Building College realises First level Higher Professional Education (HPE) in:

  • Building
  • Architecture
  • Restoration
Admission: after secondary school (12 classes) the study time: 3 years.
There are 3 departments:


The College offers academic knowledge, computer information as well as theoretical and practical knowledge. In the study shops students can acquire the skills in all building specialities. During the studies students can acquire the skills in building professions and consolidate in the technological and projecting practice, working in building and projecting companies. The course of special subjects consists of construction, house parts and their designing, technology and organization of building works, use of up–to–date geodesist equipment, building management, business basis and a course of automatic drawing in AutoCAD environment. The graduates acquire the qualification of SITE SUPERVISOR. The College graduates are wide profile building specialists who are able to lead building work practically, using the technologically correct fulfilment, watching building work and geodesist control. They can organize and ensure their own independent business, using computers in their work. They have wide possibilities in building and projecting firms, building watch services, in the field of estimating, managing and trading of the ownership, as well as in the trade enterprises of building materials.


The College offers academic knowledge, general computer sciences as well as theoretical and practical knowledge in architecture designing, reconstruction, town planning, drawing, legislation and building rules, details and interior architecture. In study shops students acquire the skills in measuring and projecting designing firms. The course of special subjects includes building construction, housing parts and their designing, painting, interior, economics, management and business basis. The graduates acquire the qualification of ASSISTANT ARCHITECT and can work in projecting firms and architect bureaus under the leadership of a licensed architect.


While studying students acquire the adequate knowledge and practical skills for the restoration master. The theoretical and practical knowledge are acquired in the college study shops and during the practice in the museum restoration shops and the enterprises of restoration and housing. The graduates acquire the qualification of RESTORER and may get a licence for restoration such specialities as: CARVER AND FURNITURE RESTORER, STONE DETAIL RESTORER and POLYCHROMIC WOOD RESTORER.


Riga Building College
3 Gaizina str., Riga, LV-1050, LATVIA
Tel: 7229714, Fax: 7228726;
E-mail: sekretare@rck.eunet.lv, www.rck.lv